A kind of Music Tale

A kind of Music Tale (Is Music a Universal Language?)

January 2017- March 2018 

New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Iran, Greece , Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, USA, France

by Maud Watel Kazak and Matias Gallipoli


A kind of Music Tale is a 360° video documentary project based on musical experiences collected all over the world.

It’s an experimental approach which combines traditional world music with contemporary music, in a journey over 14 countries. We present a new musical experience in its emotional, psychological, artistical and anthropological contexts, by exploring different instruments or sound environments, and by featuring interviews of participants to gain their link with the music and the culture.

This proposal is both questioning the musical language as a possible bridge between different cultures and the video language as a new immersive visual and sound experience in a 360° video.

This immersive experimentation develops a tale in which music is kind of like a storyteller for participants and spectators.

During an interactive performance, spectators wearing 360°glasses, will discover through visual and sound atmospheres, a virtual journey around a music world.


In order to discover a different kind of communication between people around the world, we have chosen music that could create a bridge enabling connections between different cultures.

We will present a 360° video documentary in an interactive installation where the spectator will have access to his own itinerary inside the narrative and musical experimentation.

Indeed, through the five continents, the documentary will investigate and collect audio and visual fragments of personal and collective testimonies. We will share ways of practicing and feeling the music. We are looking forward to learning from the meeting with the musicians, in terms of a creative, cultural and musical exchange.

In each country visited, we will propose a serie of meetings with local artists and rehearsals opened up to participants from these countries. We are excited by the opportunity to think about spaces where people meet, create, think and build together on the meaning of music as a universal language.



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