2015-2016 season



Nikola Krminak, Florence Valéro, Noël Clément, 

Nicolas Macé, Maud Watel Kazak and Mathieu Rapinier

Director Maud Watel Kazak

Composer Mathieu Rapinier and Nicolas Macé

Assistant director Eva Dehargues

Communication and diffusion Emily Holmes

Scenography and Lights Naelle Lamothe

Video Valentin Bertomeu and Frank Essam

An interdisciplinary theatre, music and video original work  who was performed in numerous venues across Paris including the Théâtre de la Bastille and Théâtre de l’Opprimé, also in Théâtre des Rendez vous d’ailleurs, Grand Salon de la Fondation des Etats Unis (FEUSA, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris) and in Marseille, Chateau Lombert Roudelet Felibren


PSYCHAGOGY : The Dance of the Fulcrum and Kroumatograph


with Alexis Story Crawshaw, Tim Wood and Maud Watel Kazak

with the collaboration of Marcos Novak, director of the Translab and MAT program,UCSB

The Dance of the Fulcrum and Kroumatograph is the last performative work in the Translab of UCSB included 3D technology in an installation/performance . The whole work explores musical experience and form as a function of both time and space. During the performative portion, as voice, piano, and electronics sound, two dancers engage in the art of sculpting music with the body. Using visual projections from a VR head-mounted display worn by one dancer and a real-time 3D spatial virtual drawing tool controlled by the other dancer, the two explore the space between music and sculpture, the actual and the virtual, the permanent and the ephemeral. In the second half, the audience is invited to explore a 3D-tracked environment brought alive with a both a grid of interacting standing waves and a grid different thermal and olfactory currents. Through 3D-spatial trackers and sensors on the piano, moving strings and moving people algorithmically modulate the transmodal environment temporally in turn, uniting spatial and temporal elements into continuous, spatiotemporal musical expression.


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