2013-14 WatKaz’ season

2013-2014 season

Sur le Chemin…, On the way…

The Watkaz’s first transdisciplinary creation investigates the theater/dance/music/video interactions with the Brazilian author Marlon Miguel, the American composer Alexis Crawshaw, and the French director Maud Watel Kazak.


Hernie Discale, Discal Hernia

The play from the Austrian author Ingrid Lausund, addresses the topic of work and employees in a comedy of absurdity. The Maud Watel Kazak’s staging aims to questioning the language boundaries by using mime, commedia dell’arte and dance’s processes and music as aural architecture, the comedians have to deal with the degeneration phenomenon.



Performance/Theater Waiting for… Paris – Montreal

Azadeh Radbooei and Maud Watel Kazak present this interactive performance since November 2012 in Paris and more recently in Montreal, March 2014. Inspired by the Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting for Godot, Waiting for… is a participative event where the audience is involved as characters from their own drama.


Musical and theatral performances in Santa Barbara

Alexis Crawshaw and Maud Watel Kazak propose two interactive performances Touching gestures and Transamplitheatral perception, for the UCSB’s Primavera Festival, with the collaboration of Marcos Novak and the Create Ensemble directed by Matt Wright.



Street Opera in Montreal – June 2014

The street opera will be performed as a parallel event to the Encuentro conference which happens in Montreal from June 21 to 28. The project is emerging out of the SenseLab at Concordia, which is an open academic community of artists-researchers (http://senselab.ca/wp2/). The initiator of the street opera project is Maud Watel Kazak, a French interdisciplinary performer and creator who founded the WatKaz collective in Paris (https://watkaz.wordpress.com/).


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