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La compositrice américaine Alexis Crawshaw et l’artiste Maud Watel Kazak proposent deux performances dans le cadre du Festival Primavera de l’ UCSB en avril 2014,

Thursday, April 24, 6:00-7:00 PM

Des Gestes Touchants

Alexis Crawshaw, vibrotactile music. Guest artist Maud Watel-Kazak, mime and dance. Featuring the CREATE ensemble, directed by Matt Wright

« Touching gestures » is an interdisciplinary, collaborative improvisational performance with the computer music of the CREATE Ensemble led by Matthew Wright, comic mime and dance performance by guest artist/actress Maud Watel-Kazak, and a vibrotactile music component by Alexis Story Crawshaw. This work will explore different rapports of « mapping » and « feedback » between the domains of theater and electroacoustic music. It will also investigate the musicality of touch using vibrotactile actuators, thereby inviting synaesthestic associations through gesture across three modalities: sonic, visual, and tactile.

Music Bowl. Free

DSC_5613 DSC_5644

Friday, April 25, 4 PM

La perception transamplithéâtrale.

Alexis Crawshaw, Maud Watel-Kazak, Marcos Novak

This transdisciplinary installation/performance explores the ideas of fractured perception, multiphrenia (after psychologist Kenneth J.Gergen, that one personality becomes fragmented into many as a symptom of the demands of modern society and the sometimes conflicting roles that we must play within it), apophenia (the tendency of the mind to construct meaning or agency in otherwise meaningless data), and how our experience of the world is shaped by context and environment. A collaboration between Alexis Crawshaw, guest artist Maud Watel-Kazak, and Marcos Novak, this work is an investigation, through diverse modalities, into the contiguous relationship between performance/artistic gesture (by the artists), perceptual gesture (by the audience member), and contextual gesture (by the manipulation of space in the venue of performance).

day2translabset10425140_71 day2translabset10425140_81

Present in the work is the use of 3D-generated masks expressing multiphrenia and inviting multiple interpretations on the part of its perceiver. It will feature original poetry in « Franglish » that develops author Raymond Roussel’s method of procédé and psychologist Diana Deutsch’s study of « phantom words ». Virtual art projections will develop how one can approach and thus perceive the same physical space in multiple ways, depending on the point of focus and the context, also as a function of accumulated memory. There will equally be a study of the psychosomatic influences of the installation on audience members through vibrotactile infrasounds, using feedback from a heart-rate sensor.

transLAB, 2615 Elings Hall. Free.

day2translabset10425140_24 day2translabset10425140_33


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